Deliciously Elegant

At first, Big Fish was a small, tastefully decorated fish shop in uptown Barcelona, with exquisite fish and sushi available from 5 to 12pm. After it’s huge success, the couple that owns the restaurant — fishmongers turned restaurateurs — opened up on a small cobblestone street in the Born district of Barcelona.
Big Fish is one of my favourite restaurants, not only because of the fish and creative sushi, but because the interior designer Lázaro,, set the atmosphere with a mix of 1940s casually elegant designer objects with rustic fisherman artifacts.

The food is an exquisite mix of flavours from the 7 seas… Calamari with mango chutney, Grilled sea bass with tomato and asparagus jam, Prawns, Grilled Galician Scallops, Bluefin tuna, plus a raw Sushi bar.

I love the hanging lamps that Lázaro designed especially for the restaurant — one gives the air of a cascade of seashells, and the other is formed by sharp, mirrored, art-deco downward spikes. Each corner of the restaurant has a distinct but coherent air, combining the best of old Mediterranean culture with the more refined Charleston-era glamour and design.

Next time you’re in Barcelona you should make your way to Big Fish, either for dinner, or for lunch — when they serve a delicious and moderately priced menu.

Big Fish
C/ Comercial, 9
08002 Barcelona, Spain
+932 681 728

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