Tuscany Weaving

I recently discovered Busatti through my boyfriend’s mom, who told me she saw in their textiles a reflection of the BiniChic Mediterranean spirit. I could’nt agree more.
Founded in Anghiari, Tuscany in 1842, Busatti is a family-run company that has perfected the craft of weaving natural fibers such as linen, wool and cotton with every generation that has participated in its design.

The raw threads are treated with olive-oil, and are then dyed with natural pigments from henna, onions, sage and carrots, among others. They are spun with the same looms as the ones Giuseppe Busatti made when he founded the factory, and the finished textiles are embroiered, stitched and embellished by local artisans. An extra softness is given with weft threads spun in by shuttle looms.
The fabrics have a timeless and elegant look — with designs inspired by the traditional Tuscan motifs — and a feeling of high quality only hand-made pieces have.
It is inspiring to see that such a successful and productive company has managed to keep their quality and traditional essence while growing as a business.

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