Timeless Objects

Above, Rebotijo by Martín Ruiz de Azúa, the 21st century version of the botijo.

Often, the truly ingenious objects are those that use natural resources and the laws of physics to their advantage. The “botijo” is one of these objects.  Used during centuries to keep water fresh without the need of refrigeration, the botijo works like our bodies when we transpire. The porous baked clay lets just enough water through so the recipient stays always humid. An air current, or even the hot sun evaporating the water will also evaporate the heat, keeping the water inside of the botijo fresh.

Above, the traditional botijo.

Martín Ruiz de Azúa, www.martinazua.com,  is an innovative spanish designer that has re-designed the traditional earthenware jar that revived convivial and ecological drinking of fresh water. Like the original, it cools the water in the sunshine thanks to the porosity of the baked clay. Its form is halfway between a bottle and a “tetrabrik” carton and adapts better to the current needs. Its capacity is 1,5 liters. There is a summer version that cools the water while the winter one is varnished in its interior in order not to let the earthenware jar leak out.

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