Chromatic Textures

We recently got back from a month-long voyage around Vietnam and Thailand, where the new smells, tastes, colors, noises and customs filled and stimulated our five senses.

Below is a small compilation of images from Vietnam that try to capture the BiniChic, natural and unpretentious beauty that permeates the country.  The passing of time has given the facades, walls, trees and corners a Wabi-Sabi elegance, where the imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness becomes part of its allure.

Photos by Jacopo Ponticelli and Ona Villier.

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7 Responses to Chromatic Textures

  1. Mondo Print says:

    Beautiful inspiration! Thank you.

  2. Erin says:

    Absolutely breathtaking…so refreshing, thanks for the fix!

  3. Leslie Bell says:

    I love seeing this area of the world through Bini Chic eyes. Can’t wait to see what is created from these images.
    Sounds like the experience of a lifetime. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  4. bada says:

    Great pics Ona, and lovely places!
    Un abbraccio

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