A Light Exists in Spring

Bárbara Vidal is a photographer from Mallorca. Her photographs — both personal and fashion — transmit the unmistakable Mediterranean light. The following are some of her beautiful images to celebrate a new Spring.

A light exists in Spring
Not present on the Year
At any other period —
When March is scarcely here

E. Dickinson

As Spring comes upon us, it feels like the world awakens before our eyes. The days have reached the perfect balance between light and dark. Nature follows its eternal cycle, rising from its Winter slumber. In Bábara Vidal‘s photographs, I recognized the light of the seasons in the Mediterranean — the glitter of an autumn sunset, the clearness of a Spring day, the brightness of a Summer afternoon and the dampness of Winter by the sea.

Maybe because we were born and raised on a Balearic island — her in Mallorca, I in Menorca — Bárbara and I share a love and sensitivity for the Mediterranean’s moods, its light, its sounds. It’s nuances.

Bárbara’s photos capture an eternal moment — they hold it still like a drop held in mid-air. The moods change from romantic lightheartedness to gloomy introspection as the light seeps through the branches, or a trunk bears the weight of a thunderstorm.

Like stills from an imaginary movie  — from childhood or from our dreams — the images radiate an ethereal air. Her fashion photography is filled with warm sun gleams and flickering lights, letting the viewer’s imagination finish the storyline of what is untold. Is she a woman … or a mermaid?

All photos in this post are by Bárbara Vidal.

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