Giving it Another Chance

With today’s endless supply of short-lived, mass-produced, low-quality products — a company that gives objects another chance at life is a breath of fresh air.

The idea at Revisited Matters is a recipe for success: take something old and used — sometimes a vintage shirt, others a scarf or a jar — mix in the perfect shade of color and a simple but sleek design, add an impeccable graphic identity on their packaging and website … and voilá! Here you have a unique piece from the Revisited Matters fashion and home goods collection.

A shirt becomes a pillow, an old scarf a blouse, and an old candy jar a flower vase. The possibilities are truly endless.

Revisited Matters is the project of an independent design collective who recently started their adventure in Brooklyn, New York. They hail from various parts of the world — among them the Mediterranean — and the objects and clothes they create are layered with their past experiences and their origins.

The artists at Revisited Matters and BiniChic share a deep appreciation of the ancient japanese philosphy of Wabi-Sabi. Revisited finds the beauty in the imperfection, uniqueness and story of each fabric and texture they juxtapose and re-purpose.

On their smart-looking website you can find an online shop, a blog where you can discover the story behind each product they create as well as a sneek-peek into their daily lives.

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2 Responses to Giving it Another Chance

  1. Duchess says:

    very cool.. Brooklyn hmmmm? Might have to check it out.

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautiful image love it! We bring nature inside differently for each season. Spring- seedlings grow in the window sill getting ready for a little transplant to the garden. Summer- flowers are gathered from our beds and roadsides. Fall- children and I collect sticks, stones, leaves anything that catches our eye. We have a rotating gallery of these finds. Winter- bulbs bloom as I dream about the spring. I love all of your Wabi Sabi posts! Sorry, if I got carried away with my response: )

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