Stillness in Motion

For artists and designers inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. A falling leaf, a ripple on the water or grass gently bending with the breeze can be sources for great designs. Many of Susan’s signature prints have been inspired by the best designer of all time — nature.

“Floating, waves; stillness in motion.
Pond is one of my favorite inspirations for the home.  It embodies the peaceful, relaxing harmony between land and water.”

Horizontal lily pads and expanding waves meet vertical grasses and reeds. Leaves are like pleated silks and iridescent fabrics.

Colors are muddy yet luminous. It’s about the secret of an exquisite water lily bursting out of dark greens and deep browns every morning.

“I look for the textured layers and subtle colors to tell a story that makes us feel at home in nature.”

The ripples in the water are expressed with the stitches – horizontal. You feel the same liquid rhythm. Iridescent fabrics reflect light as it shines on the water’s surface.

“When I was designing the leaf pattern, I looked for inspiration to a photo I took on a summer afternoon. Sitting by a pond, I watched as the pine needles fell on the water, dancing with each other, in constant motion.”

When designing a collection, I find texture to be key to the coherence of the various prints and designs.

Whether you’re designing a room, a corner, or your bed, layer colors and prints from the same family in different materials to create a varied and harmonious whole. Each family of colors brings out a certain mood or memory, and surrounding ourselves with colors that make us feel comfortable and at peace is key to creating a sense of place — a home.

Photos by Lyn Hughes.

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4 Responses to Stillness in Motion

  1. Vicki says:

    Gorgeous pillows! Where do I find them??

    • admin says:

      We’re so glad you like them! Unfortunately, these pillows are no longer available for purchasing, but we are now developing a collection of nature-inspired products. Stay posted for more info!

  2. Duchess says:

    hmmm…. those products looks oddly familiar hehehe.

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