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Wonderfully curated, filled with deliciously crafted clothes, accessories and candles, La Cereria breathes the fresh island air of Menorca. A combination of classic design with a creative twist and vintage chic, La Cereria is a required visit for lovers of unique and beautiful things with a story.

La Cereria — the candle shop in Spanish — is owned by Sara, who applies her refined taste and design experience in the world of fashion and accessories to create a space of relaxed luxury. Originally from Madrid, she fell in love with the island and decided to leave the hectic city for a more peaceful life in Menorca.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a boutique this unique in the heart of Mahón — a shop I could imagine in the trendy neighborhoods of Paris’ Le Marais or NYC’s Meatpacking District. The clothes and objects are mostly by designers and artisans from around the world.

This is the true beauty of Sara’s curating: she brings designs from seemingly unrelated places and brands — Filippa K, American Vintage, Eureka, ByLarin, Volta, Petty things, Ba&sh, Beatriz Furest, to name a few — and combines them in a space where their stylish simplicity and clean lines live comfortably together.

La Cereria and everything in it breathe that Mediterranean air that we like to refer to as “binichic“: finding the beauty in unique, stylish and simple things — objects that are a seamless combination of rustic, refined, contemporary and classic.

Homers , pictured above, is a high-end line of shoes made in Ciutadella, on the other side of Menorca. Shoe-making is a traditional craft on the island — and currently one of its main industries, with many world-renown brands hailing from there. However, Homers’ sophisticated design is anything but traditionally Menorcan. Their impossibly fine leathers are dyed in soft and elegant colors and given designs that bring to mind vintage shoes from the mid 20th Century.

Ally Capellino (right picture above), a British brand specializing in leather bags, is another one of my favorites. I especially love the beautifully oiled unlined satchel bags with raw cut edges and eyelets. Simple and elegant.

I look forward to visiting Sara again, as La Cereria was a true inspiration on my last visit. Her shop, and everything she carefully selects, remind me of the things that make me yearn for the island lifestyle — the salty sea breeze, the sound of the crickets on a summer night, the smell of wild chamomile — and how to recreate its essence once you’re not physically there.

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5 Responses to Pretty Things

  1. Leslie Bell says:

    Love this post and feel like I’ve just visited Menorca. Your blog is a very welcome visitor to
    my in box and you have started my day in the most wonderful way. Thanks for your work.

  2. antonio gabriel monjo says:

    Sumamente sugestivas las imagenes. Soy fotògrafo profesional y puedo admirarlas en toda su calidad.Sin embargo creo haberle enviado una solicitud de datos respecto con mi apellido Monjo.De ser posible,le solicito comunicarse en español.Disculpe las molestias que le puedo haber ocasionado.MUCHAS GRACIAS!

  3. Duchess says:

    Next time, I’ll swing by… lol

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