A Sunny Disposition

We love summer, and all that comes with it. Going to the beach being on the top of the list, we dedicate this post to one of the basic summer accessories: the beach bag.

One of the classics in the Mediterranean is the woven esparto basket with long handles also known as senalló. Known for its sturdiness and flexibility, it has been used throughout the centuries to carry vegetables, tools and other objects. Although originally a farmer’s bag, the baskets now come in many sizes and variations. Leather handles, ruffles, clasps, and mirrors have been added to make this the ultimate fashion accessory. Personally, I have always kept to the classic style with long handles.

However, if I were to personalize my senalla, I think I would go for the version dip-dyed in paint. I love its simplicity and how easy it is to make at home. The basic idea is to take your basic basket and dip the bottom half in a plastic storage bin filled with a few inches of water-based latex paint. Et voilà!

Many of the baskets sold in shops are good-looking machine-made versions, like the one below on the left, which you can get through this online shop. However, if you would like to carry you beach essentials or go to the Farmer’s Market with an original hand made senalla basket, you’re in luck. The versions of the senalla below on the right are hand-made to order by Antic Mallorca.

Another one of my favorites is the canvas bag. Used extensively by sailors — they fold flat and thus are easily stowed on a ship — canvas bags are a sturdy and timeless classic. A few weeks ago I fell in love with this version by Carga Bags — you can buy them on their website. There are 200 units hand made in Buenos Aires with #10 “Cabeza de Toro” (Bull’s Head) industrial-grade canvas. The folds on both fronts give the bag ‘structure’ and shape, allowing it to stand by itself even if empty.

Not directly Mediterranean — but still perfect for the summer sun — these bold and colorful bags are perfect to wear with a white Ibizan dress. From the Caribbean peninsula of Guajira — covering part of Colombia and Venezuela — hails the susu (as these bags are known in the Wayuú language).

They are hand-made with local wool by the indigenous women of the the Wayuú peoples. The designs are inspired by their spiritual culture and include traditional ancestral designs that have been passed on for centuries. You can get original susu bags here.

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