Through the Looking-Glass

Somewhere between otherworldly creatures and precious objects, Lusesita‘s work is original, oneiric and utilitarian all at once. I was first captivated by her objects at a store window: winged tea cups perched atop plates with creature-like legs, bobbling tweedle-dee sugar bowls, a winking teapot all seemed to step right out of a Lewis Carroll story.

Lusesita — otherwise known as Laura Lasheras — is a whimsically creative ceramist born and raised in La Rioja, Spain. Having received her BFA in ceramics at a university where future artisans and artists were discouraged to push the boundaries and explore beyond, she transplanted herself to Barcelona.

It was here that she grew artistically, met and collaborated with some of today’s most renowned Spanish artists — including her boyfriend, illustrator Sergio Mora — and developed her very personal style.

Laura’s work is full of humor, and her vivacious and witty personality shines through every one of pieces. She aims to make precious and unique objects more approachable for everyday use, which is why she chose the name “Utilitarian Ceramics” for the collection of pieces above.

Her recent collaboration with fashion designer Martin Lamothe created an evocative couture collection. Hand made ceramic elephant heads, horns and creatures were individually sewn into skirts, dresses, blouses and headbands creating a unique three-dimensional effect unusual in fashion.

One can nearly hear the delightful sound of the jingling pieces coming down the runway on the models  — it might sound like light rain falling on a tin roof.

We look forward to seeing what wonderful creations come out of Lusesita’s mind. Stay tuned to see more of Lusesita Delicatessen and acquire her objects on our BiniChic Store.

Photos of the Martin Lamothe SS12 Backstage by The Poppins.

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2 Responses to Through the Looking-Glass

  1. Olivia says:

    I love the “Utilitarian Ceramics” … I’d love to have one of those to have my morning coffee 🙂

  2. Pete says:

    Love the whimsy, but your tea pot will not hold a full pot of tea, the top of the spout is to low! Best wishes, Pete

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