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In a world of fast (and disposable) fashion that values trends over quality, one company has decided to do things differently. Sabah shoes produce quality leather slip-ons in limited quantities, and are the perfect, bright outfit maker for city dwellers.


These shoes are hand stitched by craftsman in Turkey who are specially trained in shoe construction. Sabahs are made of a hand picked leather or suede upper and rubber outsole, lending to their aesthetic and quality. Sabahs are a durable shoe, meant to last for years with soles that can easily be replaced by a cobbler.


Micky Ashmore started Sabah while working for Microsoft in Turkey. While there, Ashcroft discovered the classic slip on shoe worn by Turkish people. When Ashcrofft returned to the U.S. he continued to wear the shoes, and friends began asking where they could get pairs for themselves. Not knowing anywhere in the U.S. he could send them, he began producing them in small quantities for his friends, but with a few changes (such as adding rubber to the traditional leather soles.) He began selling Sabah’s as a side to his 9-5 job, choosing to rent out a space on Sunday’s and offer drinks to potential customers.


While many new companies rush to sell their products online (we all know anyone can have an Etsy store nowadays) Sabah likes to keep things personal. Shoes can be ordered via e-mail, but there is no sign of an “add to shopping cart” or “proceed to checkout” on the site. This is for two reasons, and the first has to do with production. With quality shoes hand sewn by artisans, the company chooses to produce them in limited monthly  quantities.

Sabah also prides itself on having a relationship with everyone that purchases their product, and chooses to interact via phone, e-mail, or in person over the e-commerce approach. Appointments can be made at their New York space to purchase shoes in stock, or special order a pair that is usually received in 6-8 weeks.


Post by: Kari Gibbons for Binichic.

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