Susan Unger and Ona Villier are mother and daughter — both designers who cover the fields of fashion, home furnishing, graphic design and art direction. Originally from Pennsylvania and Menorca, respectively, they have lived and drawn inspiration from such varied places as New York, Barcelona, Florence, Texas, and Menorca, as well as many other places around the world.

This blog was created as a place to discuss the life, style and beauty of the Mediterranean — or things and places that even without being Mediteranean, bring us there.  In our mind’s eye we have Menorca (Spain), one of the smallest or less concurred Balearic islands, where we lived for many years, and which we still call “Home”.

As designers and lovers of nature, beauty and art, this blog is our platform to discuss creative solutions, objects, places and people we find interesting, as well as colors and textures we find inspiring.

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  1. burcu gokcek says:

    great blog! congatulations xx

  2. Joey Smith says:


    Your blog is incredible, and you explained it perfectly at dinner. So enjoyed tonight with you and your Mom!!
    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for helping with my thimble :)). Hope to visit you soon with Karen, Joey

  3. LORNA says:

    THUMBS UP! me encanta!

  4. Rocio says:

    Que buen tandem madre e hija. ¡¡¡Me ha encantado!!! Besos a las dos. Rocio

  5. craig & denise says:

    Susan & Ona, way to go, guys. Looks like things are happening.
    Craig & Denise

  6. Carol Rubin says:

    Hi Ona and Susan,

    I am Emily’s sister and met you in Paris. She was excited about your conversation and told me to check out your blog.

    Hope to see you soon!


  7. Dear Susan
    The BAllett Basel will dance Nacho Duatos piece DUENDE in Mai. For the Program-Book, I would like to have a short biography of you – just where you were born, where you have studied or learned, what you are doing now – could you please send me some words aubout your Bio? And is it ok to name you at Costumdesign: Susan Unger o^r do I ha^ve to write Susan Unger-Villier or only Vilier?
    Thank you for an answer
    best regards from the Basel Theater

  8. Denise Young says:

    HELLOOO Susan!

    it’s been a long time! how are you? Looks like you and your daughter are creating beautiful things? I am still in LA and have through the years wanted to get in touch with you, and just now found this blog. Please drop me a line and let me know how you are. How and where is Susan? Are you still in touch?

    my best,

  9. rodica says:

    I love it! One of he most beautiful blogs I’ve ever visited.
    It expresses very well the Mediterranean air and “salt”

  10. Denyse Burns says:

    What a stunning site.

  11. Susan…… Sally Schouweiler your good friend at Bennington and I were married for many years.
    I somehow found you on line … WOW … the paths we took over the years.. pretty amazing.
    Im very happy to see you and your success !

    Ed Levy

  12. MJ says:

    me impresiona muchisimo,
    muy buena blog.

  13. I absolutely love what you are doing here … I contacted you some weeks back regarding your mom’s email address…. I assume she did not want to re-connect with me and that’s fine.
    I still like who you are and doing.. in fact I recommended your blog to an old friend of mine who is an artist from the Bennington College days in Vermont her name is Leslie Parke she is quite well known.
    Thanks Allot.
    Ed Levy

  14. This is a wonderful blog! Simple, elegant and there are many fine things. Binichic transmits true passion for design.


    Join us! https://www.facebook.com/studio.moda.rossella

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