From Rattan, with Style

Southeastern Asia has a centuries-old tradition of making handcrafted furniture from the palm species known as rattan. This tropical plant, which grows prolifically in the forests of Indonesia and surrounding countries, is used for its durable and flexible wood and wicker. The harvest of rattan actively helps protect the forest land by providing a lucrative and more sustainable alternative to loggers who forgo timber logging and gather the quicker-growing rattan.

Corner 43 Decor is a luxury rattan furniture boutique dedicated to creating original and innovative designs made with the same processes as the traditional furniture. Founded in Bangkok in 1987, the company has forgone the temptation of growing rapidly with the aid of technology  in order to maintain a rigorously high level of quality. Quality that is evident in its cured designs and refined craftsmanship — each piece is handcrafted by a highly skilled individual, and one piece can take up to two months to finish!

With every collection, Corner 43 Decor continues to distinguish itself from competitors by hiring talented young Thai designers to come up with creative and contemporary concepts.  Some past collections have included the ergonomically conscious Sculpture Art (for which they were awarded a Good Design Award for the living set at the top of the post), Tradition Redefined, Slim Motion and Maritime Memoirs — an ode to sea-side furniture and creatures. Their most recent collection, Earthly Treasures, is a whimsical and delightful take on the shapes and mushrooms found in nature — or rather, the forest.

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